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World Champs Teach World-Class Lesson

By November 14, 2017 No Comments
World Champs

World Champs , the Houston Astros, brought a flood-weary and storm damaged Houston together with a real sense of team spirit during the Major League Baseball playoffs as this mural and many others around the city memorialize.

World champs — it’s an amazing accomplishment for any city but for Houston the timing could not have been better. If we learned anything this past season from the Houston Astros (and we learned a lot), two things stand out from an esoteric standpoint — we can achieve amazing things against great odds when we have the right team members and work together! So congratulations and thank you Astros and everyone in Houston for our first World Series win in 56 years! What an amazing experience!

This same lesson applies in business.  What a difference it makes having the right individual players to launch your team from so-so to world champs! As the Houston Astros success shows, the right trades – and placements –  can make all the difference. Add seasoned experience to augment and lead your less experienced raw talent. Find an energetic leader with strong, consistent wisdom and methodology to set the pace.

You, too, Can Go from So-So to World Champs with the Right Team and an Effective Leader

Management is more than hiring all-stars; it involves hiring and building complementary players, and fostering an environment in which employees are motivated to challenge each other while supporting their efforts.  Where collaboration doesn’t mean always agreeing but rather respectfully discussing ideas and building on the expertise and strength of each participant. Businesses that stress a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, while valuing individual merit, are able to capitalize on the individual strengths of their employees. As most of us know, when effective teams are in place, the collective product can be greater than the sum of the individual effort.

Keeping teamwork going is also something that requires focus. Teams often start out strong — but then they tend to lose enthusiasm when clear direction, goals and governance are not in place. This is the critical role of the team manager and it is a balancing act. The team has to be empowered but with clear engaging direction and specific, time-oriented goals. The team manager must always maintain the appropriate level of authority and allow individuality within the group.

Effective managers do not assume the team knows how to be a team much less world champs. They train all teams in teamwork skills such as listening, communicating with different personality types, and focus. Training first and teaming later is never an effective approach. It is always best to train the team as a team, and it is a helpful bonding to experience.

When your team rhythm isn’t quite right, Manhattan Resources can help evaluate the coaches and players. We can help you identify gaps, and recommend solutions to help you build a team that can achieve your goals. And you just might have the next world champs in your industry.