Top Executive Recruiting Firms: Manhattan Resources Named to HBJ Book of Lists 15 Years in a Row

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Top executive recruiting firms

Top executive recruiting firms named in the June issue of Houston Business Journal include Manhattan Resources. The company is noteworthy due to its winning position for the 15th year in a row. CEO Chris Schoettelkotte and his team all of their loyal customers for their support.

Top executive recruiting firms in the recent release of Houston Business Journal’s Book of Lists include Manhattan Resources. Most noteworthy, the Houston-based company is an award-winning retained search firm that specializes in building performance teams.

“We’re honored to be named to the HBJ Book of Lists for the 15th consecutive year,” said CEO Chris Schoettelkotte.  “The recognition as one of the top firms in the Houston-area is very special for all of us.”

The 2018 Book of Lists, Houston-Area Executive Search Firms, is based on the number of executives placed in new positions. Consequently, Manhattan Resources is 8th in the list of 20 firms.

“Our mission at Manhattan Resources is to help our clients build high-performance teams,” Schoettelkotte said. “Our partnership approach is especially relevant because it allows us to make a long-lasting positive contribution to strategic initiatives. In the end, our methods add transparency and engagement to the executive search process.”

Manhattan Resources Leads Positive Change Among Top Executive Recruiting Firms

Manhattan Resources is a global firm with deep roots in energy, oil and gas, and petrochemicals.

The ability to understand the needs of the customers and an intense client focus contribute to the company’s unique characterization. These traits make it possible to build world-class performance teams for clients around the world.

Few companies were talking about values-based business when founder Schoettelkotte started the company. He pledged to honor his professional commitments first and offer real value to his clients. This meant re-imagining the search process to add transparency and lasting results.

“I wanted our clients to see a search strategy and process that were transparent to them,” Schoettelkotte said. “That is still our strategy today. Yes, it is different from the rest. But it was important to do things differently even if that meant shaking up the status quo.”

Rapid Growth with a Difference Sets Pace for Top Executive Recruiting Firms

An extensive and diverse range of industry capabilities is another hallmark of Manhattan Resources. The company leverages industry association as a result of the comprehensive needs associated with its work. Its experience and growth are most likely due to work with the most wide-ranging corporations on the planet in oil, gas, and chemicals. Today the company’s expertise includes practices in finance and accounting, sales and marketing, information technology, operations, legal and compliance, and engineering and technology.

Manhattan Resources currently operates across a host of diversified industries including power and utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, finance and accounting, petrochemical and refining, legal, engineering and construction, and nonprofits.

The company takes pride in operating as a hybrid firm along the continuum of recruiters that range from very high-end firms costing up to the equivalent of the annual salary of a single executive to the fiercely competitive non-exclusive firms that will often toss a dozen resumes over the fence in hopes that one might a good fit.

“As a retained search firm, Manhattan Resources takes a hands-on approach to find the perfect cultural fit,” says Schoettelkotte. “As a result, we also focus on long-term growth and strategic development. Our fees are reasonable and installed in two payments. Plus our guarantees help ensure our clients that we are their partner in the process. It is a winning formula that has led to long-lasting relationships.”

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