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Smart Resume Items to Include in Your CV for Improved Results

By February 25, 2019 No Comments

These smart resume items just might improve your odds of receiving a call.

Confused about what to include in your resume? Don’t feel like you are alone. Resume do’s and don’ts always seem to be changing. As a result, Manhattan Resources has cherry-picked a few smart resume items that will work on your behalf.

smart resume items

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Highlight Different Job Titles You Held with the Same Company

It is might seem intuitive to select from your job titles in one company and use only the latest and greatest on your resume. However, this is just the opposite of what you should do. Potential employers are interested in your movement within the company. It is an indicator of performance and your ability to work well with others. Because of this, and especially if you have worked three or more years in one organization, try using your latest title as a header and previous job titles as bullets with dates. This will help keep things organized.

smart resume items

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Add Personal Accomplishments to Your Smart Resume Items

If you have accomplished important achievements in your life and career, consider including them. Of course, it makes sense to include work-related awards and recognition. In addition, consider rare personal achievements such as publishing a book or paper, community recognition, graduating with honors, and similar items. These demonstrate commitment, ability to complete major tasks, and excellence in performance.

smart resume items

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Let the Data Speak for You

Recruiters latch onto resume bullets with numbers, like “Increased sales in North America by 150%.”

However, if your job doesn’t involve numbers, quantify your accomplishments through the impact on your company. For example, add numbers for things like improving retention in your department by 100%, reducing waste by 30% by recycling, saving money by adding energy efficient projects, creating four day work weeks, or cutting the number of flights that you staff takes by 50%.

smart resume items

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Smart Resume Items Include Customizing for the Role

Every time you apply for a job, you should be rewriting your resume to match the job description. First of all, your resume should demonstrate the set of skills, experience, and accomplishments required for that job. Make sure the hiring manager can immediately see that you are the right fit.

smart resume items

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Avoid Computer Generated Elimination by ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems use artificial intelligence to eliminate resumes that are less relevant to a job. You can help avoid being classified by the ATS as irrelevant by using keywords from the job description. Also, be very careful to avoid misspellings and typos. In addition, ATS can struggle with complicated formats. Consequently, it is critical to keep the formatting of your resume simple.

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