Oil & Gas Case Study (SAP)

The Challenge

An oil and gas client decided to take advantage of the industry downturn by upgrading its enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to the SAP platform, while regular business was slow. As they scoped the project, the client realized they needed senior people with specific technical expertise to lead and execute the implementation.

The Roadblock

The client initially assumed they would source all the specific capabilities necessary in just one person. Early attempts to find such “silver bullet” solution failed and the client was concerned about how to manage the project effectively without proper resources.

The Solution

The client asked Manhattan Resources to step in and quickly locate the right resources with excellent functional skills and the ability to communicate at all levels of the organization. Manhattan Resources evaluated the project and proposed a cross-functional team approach, with members capable of performing all the necessary tasks. Manhattan Resources presented the client with a knowledgeable, experienced solutions group which was able to understand their needs and help them build the appropriate team of resources.

The Benefit

By sourcing a consulting team with all the needed skillsets, Manhattan Resources was able to recover the project timeline and complete the project within one week of the initial scoped deliverable dates! The new approach allowed the client to support the project without adding full-time resources and increasing their associated costs to the project.

Looking Ahead

Manhattan Resources team continues to work with the client to provide technical and managerial resources as needed to support the new platform and its tools.