Oil & Gas Case Study (Sales)

The Challenge

A south Louisiana-based client that manufactures and distributes hoses, fittings and gaskets primarily serving the upstream oil and gas industry was shocked to learn that the former owner of a company it had purchased (once his non-compete expired) recruited two of its top salespeople for a competing business. This turn of events resulted in the Manhattan Resources client needing to hire extremely experienced sales people with networks in south Louisiana to compete against this new threat, as quickly as possible.

The Roadblock

Manhattan Resources was at once engaged in the search for two full-time, senior salespeople for two separate stores in south Louisiana. Several issues emerged. First, it is a small industry and the salespeople knew one other. Second, it is a close-knit community in south Louisiana and not very open to outsiders. Also, adding a twist to the search was the company’s desire to modernize the sales team. The typical sales relationships in the region had been built during deer and duck hunting trips; while still an element of relationship building, today’s cost conscious market needs added sales savvy and competitive positioning.

The Solution

Manhattan Resources recruiters spent time in south Louisiana building relationships with candidates in the industry, building credibility and finding suitable candidates familiar with modern prospecting techniques and able to use pipeline reporting systems. They found the right experienced sales people with deep networks in the region.

The Benefit

The work of Manhattan Resources has helped bring knowledgeable salespeople with local roots to the client and position them for continued success in the region.

Looking Ahead

Manhattan Resources continues to support this client with geographically challenging roles.