Nonprofit Case Study

The Challenge

A private school in Houston, Texas serving pre-k through 8th grade was expanding to include upper level education with grades 9-12 and had initiated significant fundraising efforts to support that growth over the next 10 years. During this process, the school’s finance leader informed them of impending retirement. The school engaged Manhattan Resources to find a successor for the finance leader as quickly as possible.

With consideration for the growth plans and outlook of the school, Manhattan Resources worked with the leadership to not only fill the position, but to restructure it with a focus on strategic mindset that could support the growth of the school from a financial perspective.

The Roadblock

For this position, recruiters were challenged with finding candidates with a rare combination – a good balance of strategic financial experience and familiarity with the nonprofit world – that would fit the job requirements.

The Solution

Manhattan Resources accessed its broad financial and nonprofit networks to identify appropriate candidates for the client to review.

The Benefit

With the help of Manhattan Resources, the client found a finance leader with a background in both for-profit and nonprofit strategic financial roles that also possessed excellent communication and presentation skills to support the school through its planned growth.

Looking Ahead

Manhattan Resources looks forward to continuing its support of this school and others seeking to grow strategic nonprofit ventures.