Manufacturing Case Study

The Challenge

A 50-year-old manufacturing company produces and sells a very reliable product which, once installed, may not need to be replaced for years. In fact, the company may not sell the product to the client again unless needed for another location. As a result, there is very little repeat business for the sales team, forcing them to be focused on new sales. However, the company found its current team did not have the right focus; as many would have been better suited for account manager type role to monitor the existing accounts. The company came to Manhattan Resources to help it raise the skill levels and capabilities of their sales organization.

The Roadblock

The client knew that the sales personnel they needed to hire would be different from the team in place and that the way they hired sales people in the past had brought the wrong results. In addition, their current compensation model would need to be adapted, as it was geared towards the current type of sales employees and would not necessarily attract the more aggressive sales people they needed.

The Solution

Manhattan Resources worked with the client to change the recruiting criteria and modifying the compensation plans appropriately. This change led to attracting innovative sales managers who could inspire and motivate the entire team to be more aggressive and forward thinking in their approach to sales. Manhattan Resources assisted with the selection and implementation of a third-party skills assessment tool to assist in the identification of appropriately motivated individuals for the role.

The Benefit

Manhattan Resources worked hand in hand with the client to ensure that the candidates hired for the sales roles would be strong sales leaders, who were externally focused on new business and aggressive in their sales approach. These placements brought direct value to the company by developing new sales relationships, while improving processes and bringing new energy to the organization.

Looking Ahead

Manhattan Resources continues to work with this client by helping them to expand into new geographic areas with the confidence that they are building the right teams to invest in and develop those areas and markets.