Financial Case Study (Private Equity)

The Challenge

A recent private equity firm’s post-acquisition integration project team hired the Manhattan Resources Advisory Services team to provide resources to restructure the portfolio company’s finance, accounting and IT groups. The client had very specific technical skill set requirements, critical to success in the position.

The Roadblock

Challenges and problem solving around human capital is the core business at Manhattan Resources. When the client voiced concerns about their tight budget and specific technical needs, the Manhattan Resources team’s business model instilled confidence. By engaging a variable consulting model, Manhattan Resources could let the client test drive the candidate to help evaluate technical value and ensure cultural fit prior to making a long-term hiring commitment.

The Solution

The demand and search for high performers in the job market is typically a lengthy process; but through this innovative solution, the client could move ahead quickly. The client was very pleased with the caliber of resources offered and how quickly they could deploy.

The Benefit

The variable model employed by Manhattan Resources allowed for service and value to be provided from day one. By having experienced resources put in place almost immediately and integrated into the business model, the client could continue normal operations without interruption while restructuring their internal groups.

Looking Ahead

Manhattan Resources continues to work with this client to accommodate shifting requirements as their business expands by identifying and deploying a wide range of subject matter experts in a timely fashion.

The client continues to reach out for their strategic hires to stay competitive in the market.