Construction Case Study

The Challenge

A well-established, family-owned business undergoing significant, rapid growth and associated stresses to the company’s organizational culture and structure, needed to hire a highly skilled professional that could build the company’s quality management plan. The company had no internal recruiting resource.

The client contracted Manhattan Resources to find a person who would have the high level of expertise needed to create a quality management plan that addressed all aspects of quality assurance and quality control for its pipeline and related facility construction, which includes compressor stations, pump stations, meter stations, and similar projects.

The ideal candidate would need more than 10 years of quality assurance/quality control with experience in oil and gas or petrochemical projects; with at least 8 of those years employed in a management role.

The client also wanted Manhattan Resources to present people of high integrity and sound values, with a hands-on approach to management and a strong work ethic to lead the current organizational culture.

The Roadblock

Due to a boom in the construction industry, quality assurance/quality control talent with comparable experience was at a premium. Consistent communication and market feedback regarding comparable compensation levels kept the client informed throughout the search. Additionally, this flow of communication allowed Manhattan Resources to understand nuances of the character and cultural requirements of the role, enabling the recruiting team to find the right fit for the position, at the right compensation level.

The Solution

Thorough research and mapping of relevant talent in the market place, together with extensive outreach to potential candidates, led to three qualified candidates going to interview.

The candidate selected was a veteran of the oil and gas industry with extensive field and office management experience. Deep technical knowledge had allowed him to gain the respect of construction workers and his peers during his career. In the end, it also gained the respect of the client.

The Benefit

The candidate brought a fresh, steady, expert viewpoint to a family-owned business undergoing significant, rapid growth and helped reduce significant stress on the organization.

Looking Ahead

Since this placement, additional roles have been filled for the client and Manhattan Resources looks forward to supporting their continued growth.