Our Process: A Winning Method to Build High Performance Teams

Our discovery process is thorough and transparent, because we are accountable to you. We provide detailed weekly reports and check in calls to discuss progress on your search or project. No wondering what is happening on your search, or non-specific feedback regarding possible candidates and prospects. Just real time solutions and collaboration.

A Process with Years of Refinement

Manhattan Resources is an elite professional services firm that helps its clients achieve their objectives by working with them to build high performance teams. Our clients trust us to dig deep into the complexities of their business to ensure that we identify talent that will not only meet the position’s technical requirements, but flourish in its culture and be at the right stage of their career for the role. This combination results in a process for the selection and vetting of exceptional placements with significant “runway” or promotability within the organization.

Our Process

  1. Activation
  2. Materials Modeling
  3. Search
  4. Presentation For Interviews
  5. Offer & Acceptance
  6. Ongoing Support

We review your opportunity in detail, and explore your company and culture. We prefer to include the direct hiring managers and the staff who will work directly with the role in our initial meetings, so that we can fully understand the needs of all stakeholders.

We prepare informative and engaging materials to attract the best talent to your opportunity. No more wondering how the recruiter is presenting your organization to prospective candidates — your job description and company information are pre-approved by you to ensure they are consistent with your brand positioning.

This is where the magic happens. Our process is extremely transparent – you will know where we are in the search and the state of interaction with the candidates. We hold milestone meetings to keep the search on track for your timeline needs.

We create a candidate report of our findings for each person we think best fits your technical, cultural and career stage requirements. This document is a one-stop shop about the candidate, including any potential gaps we think relevant for your review. Now comes the hard part for you… if you have to choose just one!

We help you put together a competitive package for your chosen candidate, to secure their place and complete your team.

Our performance guaranty means we follow up with you to ensure the arrangement is meeting expectations, and resolve any issues as they arise. Our goal is a satisfied client who not only comes to us for assistance again, but refers us to others.