Our Team

Our experienced team at Manhattan Resources will help you find industry-specific people with the right expertise you need to fill a strategic role. We ensure knowledge and understanding through a comprehensive evaluation that includes a gap analysis of each candidate to cross measure organizational fit, field expertise and industry knowledge.

Melanie Imperio

Research Consultant

Melanie realized early on that she enjoyed working with people. She started her career in executive search in 2012, when she joined Manhattan Resources as a receptionist. Once in the business, she quickly developed new skills and interests, becoming a research consultant. Melanie is highly organized, and has found that her communication skills are a leading factor in her ability to contribute to the team. She is naturally friendly and outgoing, and believes that a smile affects everyone for the better.
A native of Argentina, Melanie has spent most of her formative years in Texas. She currently attends the University of Houston and is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She’s slated to graduate in 2018.
Melanie adheres to the adage that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and makes a point to doing her best at everything she does. Outside of work, she maintains an active lifestyle, enjoying outdoor activities, dancing (she takes classes), travel, and spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Cherie.