Manhattan Resources Sends Thanksgiving Wishes

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Manhattan Resources Sends Thanksgiving Wishes 2017

Manhattan Resources sends Thanksgiving wishes to all of our clients, friends, and community.

We at Manhattan Resources are deeply thankful for the confidence and loyalty you’ve expressed through the years and extend our best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving Day.

Locally, our Houston community has been through a monumental year. Although many still have more recovery to go through, our community has accomplished so much through the inspiring response of so many.

To our extended family of clients and friends across the country, we wish you all great joy and continued success in your lives and businesses. 

As we celebrate these successes, we wish to give thanks in remembrance of how the holiday all started here in the U.S.!

First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving (Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

The Story of Thanksgiving in the United States

The Pilgrims at Plymouth and the Wampanoag Indians shared a harvest feast in 1621, which we call the first Thanksgiving celebration. This feast was more than a day long. It lasted three days and featured a menu we would not recognize. The pilgrims and Indians ate lobster, seal, swan, deer, corn, maple syrup, and wild herbs; but no sweets, since the Pilgrims had run out of sugar they brought from Europe. No one knows exactly when turkey became the focus of the Thanksgiving menu.

After the first celebration, for the next 200 years, the colonies and states celebrated Thanksgiving day when they decided it was the best time. It became a holiday for every state in the union during the Civil War in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day would occur annually in November.

Vintage Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Vintage Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

New Thanksgiving Traditions Begin and Become Iconic

After 1900, parades begin to show up on Thanksgiving Day as part of the tradition. Perhaps the most well-known of these is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, first held in 1924. About 3 million spectators line the 2.5 mile route each year to see the giant balloons and floats. The television audience for the 2016 live parade was 22.3 million!

Read more about the first Thanksgiving with your family and share some wonderful videos about how it has evolved on The History Channel. Everyone at Manhattan Resources sends Thanksgiving wishes from our family to yours!