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Manhattan Resources Celebrates a Milestone by Thanking Clients

By October 11, 2017 No Comments
Manhattan Resources celebrates

Manhattan Resources celebrates a 18 years in business with a special thank you to clients.

Manhattan Resources celebrates a big milestone today with a special thanks to its many clients for 18 years in business.

“Eighteen years have really flown by and we are just as excited about the business today as we were when we started out almost two decades ago,” said CEO and Founder Chris Schoettelkotte.

When Schoettelkotte started Manhattan Resources in 1999, he did so with a pledge to always honor his professional commitments first and provide true value to his clients. This meant re-imagining the search process and providing transparency and lasting results. That formula has worked well and kept Manhattan Resources clients engaged with the company over the long-term

For a world that was in the midst of the tech crash, 1999-2001, and on the brink of many major corporate accounting scandals from 2000-2004, Manhattan Resources was ahead of its time when it began talking about its values-based business.

“I wanted our clients to see a search strategy and process that were transparent to them,” Schoettelkotte said, “and that is still our strategy today. Yes, it was different from the rest, but it was important to do things differently even if that meant shaking up the status quo.”

Today Manhattan Resources continues to help its clients build high performance teams using its years of expertise and time-tested recruiting process to find talent with the perfect combination of skills, experience, and cultural background to fit strategic roles.

Manhattan Resources Celebrates its Commitment to the Differences that Brought Success

“Our process starts before the search, when we spend time with our new clients in their environment meeting with their leadership team to ensure thorough technical and cultural understanding. This time meeting with the client organization might seem like an unnecessary extra step to our competition; but we believe it is critical to ensure we appropriately assess candidates,” Schoettelkotte said.

The Manhattan Resources team then conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the position, where it sits in the organization, and examines any nuanced skills necessary in the candidate that might extend to team relationships, historic expectations, and less clearly defined aspects of the business that may impact or intersect the role. This dedication to finding the right professional for the technical and cultural needs of the client, at the right stage of the professional’s career, is how the Manhattan Resources provides its extended placement guaranty and candidates that many times have an extensive “runway” for future opportunities within the organization.