Six Simple Steps to Ensure the Right Legal Recruiter for Your Business Legal Needs

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A professional legal recruiter maintains a vast network of contacts that may save your company or firm time and resources when it comes to locating the best candidates to fill legal positions. Rigorous bandwidth and attention are often required to maintain these business and legal networks. As a result, this places considerable value on the results achieved through a third-party consulting relationship when it comes to recruiting.

For that reason, in most cases, recruiters such as Manhattan Resources are an important option for mid and larger law firms and corporations. They can expertly and professionally locate available candidates who closely match the required qualifications and experience for a position.

Depending on the arrangement with the firm, the engagement may be contingent or exclusive based on a retainer agreement.

Legal Recruiter

A retained legal recruiter works exclusively for you as opposed to a contingent recruiter who will work first on what promises the best return.

1. Determine Whether a Retained or Contingency Legal Recruiter is Best

In a contingent engagement, the recruiter is one of several being used to locate talent for this position. However, with an exclusive engagement, the recruiter is the only one being used by the employer. In both cases, it is usually the employer, not the candidate, who pays the fee.

A retained legal search consultant, such as the team at Manhattan Resources, invests time and resources to understand the client’s industry, company culture, and individual needs. They find candidates with diverse backgrounds and also access candidates who are not actively seeking new positions.

Retained recruiters engage in all aspects of the recruiting process, from defining the search through candidate integration. Yes, they charge a consulting fee or retainer for the assignment that is consistent with their in-depth advisory work. However, in return, they deliver high-quality service, a slate of highly qualified candidates, and also develop long-term relationships built on trust.

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Interview several firms that you like to ensure you have the best fit.

2. Identify a Few Legal Recruiters You Like and Meet with Them

It’s important to explore your options. Once you have, your gut will tell you who seems to be the right fit for you. Avoid recruiters who talk about themselves the entire time. Make sure the recruiter is listening to your desires and goals, seems responsive and shows a willingness to enter into a true partnership. The right recruiter will be focused on your business and industry, not just a specific opportunity they want to fill at that particular time.

Legal Recruiter

Ensure that your legal recruiter is familiar with your market and industry.

3. Learn What the Legal Recruiter Knows About Your Market by Industry and Locations

Choose a recruiter who works in your market or industry. Recruiters are in a relationship business. They develop very strong client relationships by attending meetings and staying in regular communications with firms and companies in a particular market or industry. Recruiters will receive information about potential opportunities or positions from firms and companies — often unpublished. A legal recruiter must follow local legal news and industry legal news.

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Learn what makes your retained recruiter successful in their field.

4. Ask Your Legal Recruiter About Their Successes

Ask the legal recruiter about their recent placements. You want to work with a recruiter who understands your business goals and can help you achieve them. By asking for recent placements, you confirm whether or not a particular placement is truly working out with a particular client.

recruiting firm

What experiences have other clients had and how have their needs compared to your own?

5. Be Sure to Get References from your Recruiter Selections

Ask for references. Your retained recruiter should be able to provide recent candidates who can validate their work. Find out how proactive the recruiter is as well as how quickly they respond to requests. For example, ask yourself if the recruiter follows up regularly with the company, the candidates and regularly initiates communications? Does the recruiter listen to the company’s wishes, and marry them to the candidate’s goals, or submit any candidate for any open job? Knowing the experiences of past candidates will only help you set expectations for working with that person.

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The culture of every business is a critical consideration when it comes to narrowing down the field of candidates.

6. Should Your Retained Legal Recruiter Consider Culture?

What does cultural flexibility mean? Cultural competency is fast-evolving in law-firms as seen in discussions from legal forums and training over the past two years. Meanwhile, it is clearly in a much better place in most corporate and company environments due to a significant focus over the last decade. But culture may be more about flexibility and adaptability than it is about force-fitting people in a corporation like the pieces of a puzzle.

Regulatory requirements have helped bring equality and diversity to the forefront in culture. However, the Manhattan Resources team realizes that the culture of every company and firm is also a unique product of its location in the world and its individual history. Plus, while diversity and equality are critical aspects of culture, we have learned that the subtleties of culture go way beyond these foundational needs. They can be influenced by the family ownership of a business, local politics, former acquisitions, groupthink, and so much more.

For this reason, we spend time at each company that we represent. While there, we get to know the environment and the people. “This ensures that every candidate has an optimal runway for growth and upward movement within the organization,” said Manhattan Resources CEO Chris Schoettlekotte. “It is also the right thing to do for the organization because it honors the right to benefit from an investment in training and grooming of all managers for the future betterment of the organization and all the people it employs.”

Retained Recruiting

Manhattan Resources can help you with your legal recruiting needs.

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