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Leadership Talent — How to Win the Battle for the Top Leaders

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leadership talent

Leadership talent will take your business to the next level. Photo by Nick Seliverstov, Unsplash.


Uncover the Secret Weapon Your Company Needs to Win Leadership Talent

by Chris Schoettelkotte, CEO, Manhattan Resources

It is always the right time for the right leadership, a renewed commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and leadership talent. As predicted, this year is turning out to be a year of strength and prosperity for many companies. Do you have the right leadership talent in place to capitalize on the opportunities?  Are you ready to build out your leadership team but dreading the time that recruiting and interviewing takes away from your business?

The Right Leadership Talent is Critical Throughout the Organization

A retained executive search will help you find leadership talent to help throughout your organization, not just in the C-suite.  Learn the tips successful companies have discovered can jump-start your hiring process and assist in building the high-performance teams necessary to guide your organizations to victory.

For companies facing competitive market pressures, posting a job and hoping the right talent stumbles across your opportunity results in a sea of resumes with diverse skills and capabilities.  As your human resources team reviews these resumes, buzzwords leap off the page and candidates are sorted and passed to your functional business heads for review.

Balancing Daily Business with the Added Responsibilities of Recruiting Leadership Talent

Awash in evolving priorities, your leadership team has every intention of allocating time to vet candidates and prioritize the search; but as days progress, urgent demands for daily workflow take their toll. Each day the stack gets pushed farther and farther back.  Before long, another month has passed, and even if the right candidate had applied for the position, they are probably no longer available. Thankfully, there is an option. A professional retained executive search firm can move the process forward for you.

However, before you jump head-first into using a recruiting firm, be mindful of the differences in how they work. Here is an analogy to highlight the difference.

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Establishing Your Unique List of Must-Haves

Consider what happens when you want to buy a new house. You have definite ideas of the perfect home. Perhaps you are prepared with the floorplan and builder’s specs for what you require. Armed with the critical details, you call three different realtors and a builder to provide them with your specifications.  You want a four bedroom, two-story ranch style house with a pool, fireplace, and outdoor kitchen.  The home needs to have a funky modern feel, and you’re looking for something with modern touches and fixtures that requires minimal updating.

The house also needs to have all gas appliances in the kitchen, a second master bedroom with an en-suite bath located near the kitchen, and it should be handicap accessible for your mother-in-law.  The price must be affordable, and you provide a strict price range to guide the realtors and builder.

What Determines Who Wins the Prize?

Finally, you let the realtors and builder know how excited you are to work with them and that you can’t wait to see the house they find for you. Knowing you will only pay for the house you wish to buy, they must work hard to find you the perfect home so that you choose the one they have presented. In the end, this means that the first person to show you the house that you want receives the commission.

leadership talent

Photo by Jason Briscoe, Unsplash


What outcomes do you expect from this situation?

Surely you can guess a few of the outcomes of this situation. In the case of the builder, economics dictate that minimal effort is expended building a new house without a guarantee of payment. So, the builder is likely to send you a list of homes in inventory with varying degrees of relevance to your specifications.

In the case of the realtors, they know that you are working with other realtors.  As a result, the one who has the earliest time stamp proof of submitting the home that you desire is the only one who will get paid. This knowledge diminishes the certainty that there is compensation for all involved. To avoid “missing the mark,” they could send you an exhaustive list of every home on the marketplace that remotely meets your specifications. Doing so will allow them to claim they were first to submit the house you desired and thereby earn the commission. Or, they may send you almost nothing at all, as they focus instead on clients that were not working with other realtors or that have less exacting requirements.

Collaboration to Eliminate the Parameters that Drive Misalignment

At Manhattan Resources, we work with you to eliminate the parameters that drive this sort of misalignment. We partner with our clients exclusively. They commit to our firm for the search and pay a percentage of the final placement fee up front. This commitment ensures that Manhattan Resources is accountable for the results of the leadership talent search. It also ensures that we are not creating confusing messages to prospective candidates. We carefully vet the candidates before submitting them, interviewing and screening out candidates whose resumes have all the right buzzwords but lack the understanding and experience to be useful in the role.

Furthermore, we keep an eye on timing and drive urgency by not charging anything else until 30 days after the new employee is working at our client’s company. Plus, we stand behind the candidates we place with your business – providing a 365-day guarantee for your strategic leadership hires.


Discovering Talent that is Not Easily Discoverable

The beauty of hiring a professional retained recruiting firm like Manhattan Resources is simple. You will not be forced to select from the pool of candidates who are actively looking for a job.  At Manhattan Resources, we proactively go looking for the right person.  We find them through our time-tested search process; then we engage them, explain why your opportunity should be attractive to them, and bring the candidate to you.  In a competitive marketplace with many candidates on the market, a retained search can find candidates not looking for employment. Therefore, retained search gives you a competitive advantage.

Are you ready to try the process but not sure exactly how to organize your leadership team? Manhattan Resources can help with that, as well.  We have 20 years of experience assisting companies with assessments and determining how best to group responsibilities into critical roles.

In conclusion, here at Manhattan Resources, we are ready to help you meet the challenges of a growth economy.

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