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Manhattan Resources Named to Forbes 2017 Top U.S. Executive Search Firms List

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Forbes 2017 Executive Search Firms List

Manhattan Resources was named to the Forbes 2017 Executive Search Firms List. The firm specializes in building performance teams.

Houston (May 19, 2017) – Manhattan Resources, an award-winning retained executive recruiting firm specializing in building performance teams, was named to the Forbes 2017 Executive Search Firms List.

Manhattan Resources CEO Chris Schoettelkotte says, “It really is an honor to be named to the Forbes’ 2017 Forbes 2017 Executive Search Firms List for the best 250 executive recruiting firms in America. We are excited to be included in the 2017 list and challenged to continue moving up in the ranking next year. Our mission at Manhattan Resources is to bring a partnership approach to transparency and engagement in executive search that makes a long-lasting positive contribution to our clients’ strategic initiatives.”

Leading Positive Change from the Beginning

Founded in 1999 Manhattan Resources is a global executive search firm with deep roots in the energy, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries. The company’ process, its ability to seek out and understand the needs of its customers, and its intense focus has enabled it to build world-class performance teams for clients around the world.

Few companies were talking about values-based business when founder Schoettelkotte started the company with a pledge to honor his professional commitments first and offer true value to his clients. This meant re-imagining the search process to add transparency and lasting results.

“I wanted our clients to see a search strategy and process that were transparent to them,” Chris said, “and that is still our strategy today. Yes, it was different from the rest, but it was important to do things differently even if that meant shaking up the status quo.”

Rapid Growth with a Difference

With a wide and diverse range of industry ability associated with the many varied needs emerging in oil and gas, Manhattan Resources expanded its expertise into finance and accounting, sales and marketing, information technology, operations, legal and compliance, and engineering and technical practice areas in the upstream, midstream and downstream aspects the business.

Today, with practice and industry leads representing each area, Manhattan Resources operates across a host of diversified industries including power and utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, finance and accounting, petrochemical and refining, legal, engineering and construction, and nonprofit.

“We are a retained firm that takes a very hands-on approach to finding the perfect fit both culturally and for long-term growth and strategic development,” said Schoettelkotte. “Our fees are reasonable and our guarantees help ensure our clients that we are their partner in the process. It is a winning formula that has led to long-lasting relationships.”

How the Recruiting Firms were Selected

Forbes partnered with the analytics firm Statista to compile two lists of America’s best-recruiting firms. The first list ranks 250 professional search firms, which place employees in roles with less than $100,000 in annual income. The second set ranks 250 executive search firms, defined as companies that place executives in positions with at least $100,000 in annual pay.

Statista consulted with trade organizations and company databases to find 4,000 recruiters in each of the two categories. Then it invited thousands of recruiters, professionals who had worked with recruiters over the past three years, and HR managers to take an online survey. The survey asked them to recommend up to 10 recruiting firms (excluding their own), and it gathered 20,000 recommendations. The companies with the most recommendations ranked highest.

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