Manhattan Resources Candidate Jon Leonard Selected as President and CEO of Florachem


Florachem cleaning agents are used with confidence to clean precision parts such as electronic circuit assemblies, wire and cable, aerospace parts, and medical devices, where cleanliness is considered critical for reliability.

Manhattan Resources, an award-winning retained executive search firm based in Houston, announced the successful placement of candidate Jon Leonard as President and CEO of Florachem.

Forbes 2018

Manhattan Resources, recently named to the Top 200 for Forbes 2018 Best Executive Recruiting Firms, specializes in building performance teams.

Florachem Succession Places Founder, McAlister, on Board of Directors

Leonard succeeds Steve McAlister, the founder and current CEO of Florachem. McAlister will continue as a member of the Board of Directors and consult on the company’s strategic growth plans.

“We are very excited to have Jon join our team. He has an extensive background in citrus and pine derivatives and strengthens our commitment to these markets. Jon will take over managing the daily operations of the company including the transition to its new headquarters and manufacturing plant near the Port of Jacksonville,” said McAlister. “We believe Jon and our new facility will have a tremendous impact on Florachem’s ability to better serve our global customers.”


Florachem cleaning agents are also used extensively as maintenance solvents for cleaning assembly line equipment, such as stencils, industrial molds, and conveyors.


New Florachem CEO has more than 20 Years in Citrus Industry

Leonard joins Florachem with more than 20 years experience in the citrus industry including executive management positions in operations, manufacturing, R&D and corporate leadership. Most recently, he was a consultant to a number of top global flavors and fragrances manufacturing companies, assisting them with mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management, and engineering projects.


Florachem Precision Cleaning Products distributes commercial cleaning products worldwide, including US, Mexico, Canada, South America, and Central America.

Florachem and Manhattan Resources Partnered in Recruitment Process

“We are honored to have had the opportunity to participate in the recruitment and executive selection process with Florachem,” said CEO Chris Schoettelkotte. “At Manhattan Resources, it’s not about the placement – it’s about enabling our clients to achieve their objectives. Our intense focus in core strengths has helped Manhattan Resources build a reputation as unrivaled experts in top talent acquisition, management and retention strategy, and attrition planning. Our unique approach provides us with a defined edge in designed-to-fit permanent and interim professional solutions.”

Leonard previously held the position of Senior Vice President – F&F Business Unit for Flotek (formerly Florida Chemical Company) and served as President of the Renewable Citrus Products Association (RCPA). He has a masters of science in Social Science from Florida State University and a bachelor of science in Chemistry from Jacksonville University.


Florachem manufactures cleaning technologies that are environmentally responsible. The company sells trichloroethylene replacement solutions, n-propyl bromide replacement options, fluorinated solvents, vapor degreasing solvent, and other cleaners.

About Florachem

Florachem is a leader in the manufacturing, sourcing, and supply of renewable, bio-based ingredients and products. Our expertise is in citrus, pine, and other plant-based chemistries. Please visit our website at for more information on Florachem’s products, markets, and personnel as well as the new Jacksonville (FL) production facility and headquarters.

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