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Every Person Counts. Take Time to Pick the Right People.

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Every person counts when you’re a small company. The same holds true for companies of any size. However, the impact of a key player that is suddenly missing in action can be hardest on small teams.

every person counts

Every person counts when it comes to building a successful team and company. Are you covered for changes? Photo by Larisa Bierta, Unsplash.

“It is extremely important to plan for backup and succession, no matter what the size of your company,” said Manhattan Resources CEO Chris Schoettelkotte. “Make sure you cross-train your teams and also, when looking for new employees, conduct a smart search. Hire a retained recruiter or look for employees that have the expertise and flexibility to be cross-trained and handle change.”

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When Every Person Counts on Your Team, Enforce Planned Vacation Time

When everyone on your team is an expert in one area, you might think you are in a great position for successful teamwork. This is true provided no one ever goes on vacation, gets sick, or leaves the company. But that is not a realistic view.

People need time off and most individuals work hard to ensure nothing prevents it. Vacation and floating holidays are essential elements in hiring negotiations. In the event that an employee feels they are too critical to take time off, performance slips. Worse, that employee can eventually burn out or become seriously ill.

“Always let your employees know how important they and their co-workers are to your business.  Encourage everyone to become familiar with different aspects of your daily business functions. But also remember to let employees know how important it is to you that they take their designated time off,” Schoettelkotte said.

every person counts

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Cross-Training and Planning for Succession are Key Factors When Every Person Counts

How do you cross-train and plan for succession? This can vary based on business type, growth, and need. The Manhattan Resources team brings years of expertise and a time-tested recruiting process to find talent with the perfect combination of skills, experience, and cultural background to fit all strategic roles.

every person counts

Photo by Hermes Rivera, Unsplash.

Planning for role coverage or succession can be a bit tricky when it comes to balancing employee expectations, team performance, and meeting the needs of fast growth. Having an external team consult and perform this process can make decisions seem less personal to those impacted.

The Manhattan Resources process starts before the search, by spending time with new clients in their environment and meeting with their leadership team. This helps ensure thorough technical and cultural understanding. It is a critical step to ensure that candidates are appropriately assessed.

When Every Person Counts in a Fast-Growth Company, Don’t Put Off Hiring Key Leaders

A good leader can keep teams moving even when they are short a critical person. While having strong leadership in place makes good sense, many small companies put off hiring leadership. The logic is convoluted. Some operate under the premise that it is less expensive to hire regular workers and promote from within.

every person counts

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Some business owners overlook the real value of strong management expertise. A key leader benefits your ROI by increasing earnings, motivating employees to improve the quality and quantity of their output, and ensuring planned coverage when and where needed.

“Without a doubt, a strong leadership team can result in a huge return on investment. After 19 years in business, I have seen this demonstrated again and again,” Schoettelkotte said.

every person counts

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Understanding Exactly What Your Company Needs When Every Person Counts

Over almost two decades of building high-performance teams, Manhattan Resources has learned a thing or two about how to help your business achieve its goals. The company’s Business Solutions practice extends support to help you source the right professionals to address complex business needs.

We can help with many aspects of business, from sales coaching delivered by a member of our staff or an analysis of options for market entry or system selection. Manhattan Resources assembles the best team to provide you with the insight and execution you need to succeed.

every person counts

Photo by Rawpixel, Unsplash.

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