Carlson Products Wins Manufacturing Award for Innovation R&D

By September 25, 2017 No Comments

Carlson Products wins manufacturing award for innovations R&D in Wichita for new technology to boost efficiency. Manhattan Resources, an award-winning retained executive search firm that specializes in building high performance teams, is pleased to announce the outstanding success of its Wichita-based client Carlson Products LLC. Pictured here with the leadership team are CEO Austin Peterson, Manhattan Resources placement Controller Kirsten Vassalli, Tom Gnewkow and Jeremey Christensen.

Carlson Products was named recipient of the Wichita Manufacturing Awards for R&D Innovations for its new technology to boost efficiency. The company employed a monitoring system consisting of wireless sensors on all its major production equipment to track production data down to the millisecond and monitor through a web-based software platform.

Carlson Products Wins Manufacturing Award with Real-Time Monitoring and Process Incentives

The system tracks the entire production process and provides employees with performance feedback in real time on LCD tablets synced to the machinery. The process allows for immediate recognition of employees for outstanding performance with incentivized goals as well as helping employees see areas where they might need to step up their performance.

The system also provides immediate data on equipment problems, helping employees fix them on the fly, and even sending out mobile alerts if a machine is running completely automated.

Improved Ability to Quickly Quote Jobs is Another Plus with Carlson Products Wins Manufacturing Award

Not only does this innovative system help address problems that need to be fixed before they become major repairs, it also improves the ability of the Carlson Products Sales team to quickly quote jobs thanks to having real-time information on production capacity. Congratulations to Carlson Products for your well-earned recognition!

Carlson is a major supplier of formed and fabricated component parts as well as finished aluminum products in the commercial bakeware, industrial and doors categories. Customers choose Carlson for the company’s expertise in anodized aluminum, prototype expediting, state-of-the-art equipment, strong workforce, centralized location, high-quality, short lead times and on-time delivery.