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Business Leadership and Rapid Growth: Level Up Your Team With Retained Executive Search

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Business leadership can suffer when a company is growing fast. Don’t ignore these warnings. Photo by Paul Bence, Unsplash.

Business leadership is critical when your business is in fast-growth mode. Rapid growth is often a reliable indicator that you need organizational change. Don’t wait until your company is in trouble. Look for the signs that your organization is no longer functioning optimally.

“At first, it might not be easy to detect, but things may seem a bit off, says Manhattan Resources President and CEO Chris Schoettelkotte. “For example, it might be taking longer than usual to run reports.”

business leadership

Photo by Helloquence, Unsplash.

Don’t Overlook Small Issues in Business Leadership

Small issues can quickly escalate with growth. For example:

  • A winning sales team suddenly stops performing up to expectations.
  • Your top-notch accounting team is no longer able to predict year-end results accurately.
  • The safety team that previously demonstrated excellent, great global coverage now seems completely fragmented.
  • Your IT team can’t keep up with the demands of your fast-growing workforce.
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Photo by RawPixel, Unsplash.

Promoting from Within is Nice but Can Create Undue Stress for Your Business Leadership Team

Usually, in a fast-growth company, we reward business leadership teams by promoting people from within. This is a wonderful thing to do. But in the process, we put demands on a team that is not prepared for large corporate environments. A senior executive is often needed to mentor those who have grown with the company. This individual can also provide real-world experience to help bridge the gap.

Retained executive recruitment is more likely to locate the senior executive that fits your needs than contingency recruiting. Retained executive search with Manhattan Resources ensures a technical and cultural fit. We accomplish this by spending time in the work environment and by meeting with leadership teams. As a result, we are able to engage the best executives for your business — including those not actively searching.

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Photo by Hunters Race, Unsplash.

Confidential Service Helps Identify and Engage Top Talent for Business Leadership

Manhattan Resources also maintains client and candidate confidentiality throughout the executive search process through our proven methods.  Confidentiality is not a feature of contingency search methods. With our retained executive search, we can guarantee a higher caliber of candidates and a higher level of responsiveness because they know we respect and manage their privacy.

If you are not sure where your needs are occurring, we can also help you there with consulting services designed specifically for you. We have 20 years of experience building high-performance teams, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to help your business achieve its goals.

business leadership

Photo by RawPixel, Unsplash.

Complex Business Needs are Our Specialty

Our Business Solutions practice extends support to help you source the right professionals to address complex business needs. Whether it is sales coaching delivered by a member of our staff or an analysis of options for market entry or system selection, Manhattan Resources can assemble the team to provide you with the insight and execution you need.

At Manhattan Resources, we are ready to help you meet the challenges of fast growth.

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